In Addition to Quality Home Improvements


HandshakeMany things have changed since we were founded in 1970. Back then gas cost pennies and television stations actually signed off at night. Change itself has become a constant feature in all our lives. So it’s rather unusual to find a company that has stuck to the same set of guiding principals from the very beginning. We started out with a pledge to our clients: To provide only the best in quality service and products to make a home more comfortable and cost-efficient to live in. And we kept it.

This drive for total satisfaction has made it possible for a two-man service-oriented provider for building professionals and homeowners to grow into a company that services two states. It’s why Austin Company has a fleet of 60 vehicles and a staff of over 90 professionals. It’s the reason why we feel confident that we’ll be around in another 43 years too. Certainly the world will be very different by then. But we guarantee you will still find us putting our old-fashioned principles, including the pursuit of excellence and value, into practice. Some values never go out of style. And our desire to deliver both will never change.




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