Insulation for New Construction Homes in Charlotte, NC

If you’re looking to build a new home, you must consider several things to ensure your home is ready to be lived in comfortably. One of the most important things to consider is insulation. Moving into a home without proper insulation is a nightmare waiting to happen. During the cold months, when you need warmth, and those warmer months when you want to stay cool, insulation plays an important role in your comfortability.

Benefits of Considering Insulation During the New Construction Process

Opting to install insulation during the construction process is recommended. Many benefits come with choosing to insulate your home at the beginning of the home building process.

  • Limitless Options: By addressing your insulation needs at the start of your home’s construction, the number of options you have for insulation is almost unlimited. You get to choose from a variety of insulation options to meet your needs. Spray foam insulation is usually the preferred option for new homes.
  • Saves Time: Deciding to insulate your new home at the beginning stages saves you time. By installing insulation at the start of the home building process, you won’t need to contact an insulation contractor later on to complete a job that could have been finished before you moved into your home.
  • Saves Money: You will save money by insulating your home at the start of new construction. You will not only avoid missing out on energy savings, but you will also avoid having to get a quote for an additional home project.

Austin Company provides insulation for new construction homes in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

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Get New Construction Home Insulation Done Right with Austin Company

When you choose Austin Company to insulate your newly constructed home, we’ll work with you and your builder to determine the best option to maximize your home’s efficiency.
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Austin Company offers a wide range of residential insulation insulation types, including:

  • Attic Insulation & Air Sealing
  • Blow-in Insulation
  • Cellulose
  • Crawl Space
  • Garage Insulation
  • New Insulation
  • Spray Foam
  • Wall Insulation

Benefits of Properly Installed Home Installation


Lower Utility Bills

Having proper insulation installed in your home prevents heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. As a result, homeowners could see reduced utility bills year-round.


Higher Comfort Level

With correctly installed insulation, rooms in your home stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer (providing a higher level of comfort).


Prevents Moisture Condensation

Having sufficient insulation in your home prevents moisture damage and mold and mildew growth.

When an Austin Company certified expert installs the right insulation products for the right job, you see the savings. Most homes see a 20% reduction in their bills on average. If you need insulation for your Charlotte home, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated home insulation experts take pride in providing top-notch service.

We’re based in Fort Mill, SC, but our residential insulation services are available to residents in Charlotte, Rock Hill, and surrounding areas.

Hire the Existing Home Insulation Experts

At Austin Company, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and quality work. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible in your new home. Feel free to contact us today.

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